Siemens NX9 Whats New in NX9?

Modeling improvements such as Synchronous Technology 2D and Realize Shape give you more tools to create geometry quickly.

nx1NX™ software release 9 from Siemens PLM Software is more powerful, faster and easier to use than ever. Modeling improve­ ments such as Synchronous Technology 2D and Realize Shape give you more tools to create geometry quickly. It is easier than ever to access the information you need to make smarter decisions about your design. Usability has been greatly enhanced, particularly in Drafting and PMI, while retaining the customizability that you demand. NX 9 introduces new simulation capabilities for mesh morphing, provides greater control over mesh quality and allows you to specify surface wrapping resolution for better creation of fluid domains. Performance enhancements greatly reduce analysis time for large models, and there are new tools for analyzing dynamics of composite parts. You can boost your part manufacturing produc­ tivity with new capabilities that give you more control over your machining strategy, automatically convert from 3­ axis to 5 ­ axis tool paths, review your inspection results in the context of your 3D model and access the Manufacturing Resource Manager.

NX for design productivity

Synchronous Technology 2D.

nx2Synchronous Technology 2D gives you the same freedom and speed in 2D that the groundbreaking synchronous technology gives you for 3D geometry. It even works the same way as Synchronous Technology 3D, with simple, intuitive push ­ and ­ pull commands when using the NX sketch environment. Easily modify 2D geometry regardless of where the data came from or how it was constructed. Sketches modified with Synchronous Technology 2D are automatically updated according to changes in real ­ time. For instance, if you move or offset a curve, all associated geometry intelligently adapts. The relevant relationships are preserved while irrelevant relationships are removed to enable the intended change to be made with ease. If you delete a curve, the sketch automati ­ cally adapts to “close” the geometry around the deleted curve. Overall, Synchronous Technology 2D is up to 5 times more productive than standard sketching techniques.

Realize Shape

nx3Realize Shape is an exciting new design method for advanced subdivision shape creation using NX. It is intuitive and easy to use. You begin with a primitive shape and manipulate a surrounding “cage” to morph the shape as needed. The cage faces can be subdivided as much as you want to give you greater control. It’s easy to create smooth transitions using Realize Shape, and there are many options for shape creation. The end product is high ­ quality B ­ surfaces as an editable NX feature in well under half the time needed with previous methods. This allows you to rapidly conceptualize ideas without the need for expert knowledge. Realize Shape can be used in combination with, or alongside, other surfacing and design tools.


Ray Traced Studio

The new Ray Traced Studio option enables you to view a high­ quality image of your design in real time. Taking advantage of multi­ core and accelerated graphics processors, Ray Traced Studio can display realistic lighting and inter ­ part reflections to help you make design decisions earlier.

Feature-based modeling

nx4Feature­ based modeling is as important as ever, and NX 9 delivers a number of enhancements in this area. It is now possible for you to create complex rib structures in a single feature from a network of curves; in the past this would have required multiple features. This means less clutter in your part history and faster model regeneration. You can now sweep a revolved tool along a smooth path. This simulates manufacturing processes, and allows you to create slots that were difficult to create in the past. Patterning is now more consistent between types and easier to use. Using Draft features, you can now use a nonplanar object as a parting line, such as a surface. This saves time compared to the old method of selecting edges.

Assembly design

nx5NX 9 introduces a number of customer­ driven enhancements to assembly modeling. It is now possible to reorder objects in the Assembly Navigator using drag­ and ­ drop or the Reorder Components command. The Assembly Navigator display is cleaned up because multiple instances of the same object are now packed by default. These changes help you set up your assembly in a way that’s easy for you to understand and modify. The new Align/Lock constraint allows you to fully constrain cylindrical objects such as bolts or pins with one constraint, saving clicks and time. Also, NX 9 now supports Component Patterns in assemblies, which offers a greater range of pattern types than in the past. The user interface has been revised to be consistent with Pattern Feature, making it more efficient and easier to learn.

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