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Everything from Surfacing Modeling to Stamped Sheet Metal Parts. Whether you design stylized or stamped metal products or the machines to manufacture them, the latest release of Solid Edge includes new innovations from assembly design, synchronous technology, surfacing modeling, sheet metal and detailing help you accelerate design, speed revisions and re-use imported data better. Also, new capabilities let you capture and share videos through YouTube. Find out more below.

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SE Modeling

Solid Edge is built on a foundation of superior core modeling and process workflows that help engineers design more rapidly by modeling parts more efficiently than other CAD systems. Solid Edge harnesses the power of Parasolid® - the modeling kernel owned and developed by Siemens PLM Software and, at more than a million licensed seats, the de-facto standard for 3D mechanical CAD.

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SE Sheet Metal

Sheet metal design supports the entire design-through-fabrication process. Leveraging Synchronous Technology, sheet metal designers can develop models faster using fewer commands, make changes in real-time, edit supplier data, and take designs to production with flat patterns and automatic drawings. Solid Edge delivers the most productive sheet metal CAD package available.

Sheet Metal Design Demo

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SE Free Form Modeling

Solid Edge boosts design productivity for complex geometry with exclusive Rapid Blue technology. With Rapid Blue, you get the shape you want, not the one the CAD system wants to give you. Shape preserving curves retain your original shape even through complex edits. Blue Dot editing introduces an industry first by addressing order dependency and providing significantly more freedom and control for evaluating and manipulating shapes in real time.

Surfacing Modeling Demo

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SE Assembly

As designs become more complex, the number of parts in an assembly grows. It is not uncommon for Solid Edge customer assemblies to exceed 100,000 parts. Solid Edge’s large assembly technology allows you to work with large assemblies in real time. You can build and visualize digital designs, and minimize the need for costly physical prototypes.

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SE Drafting

Solid Edge contains an unmatched set of capabilities for the 2D documentation process, with excellent drawing layout, detailing, annotation and dimensioning controls that automatically comply with the mechanical drafting standard you select.

Automated Drawing Creation Demo

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SE XpressRoute / Piping

Solid Edge XpresRoute eases the design of mechanical routed systems. A comprehensive set of industry-specific design tools helps designers quickly route and model piping and tubing in Solid Edge assemblies. XpresRoute utilizes process-specific workflows that match industry best practices and work the way that you want to work. With XpresRoute, you not only accelerate your design process for mechanical routed systems, you also enjoy improved BOM accuracy and lower costs through standardization.

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SE Wiring Harness

Solid Edge Wire Harness Design is a dedicated process driven environment for the efficient creation, routing and organization of wires, cables and bundles in a Solid Edge assembly. Wire Harness Design allows electrical and mechanical design teams to collaborate on designs to create complete and accurate digital mockups containing both mechanical and electrical components, and removes the need for expensive physical prototypes.

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