Industrial Design

We can design anyhting for you using Parametric Modeling to generate real 3D models.

industrial designExpertcam throughout the years, partnering with the most demanding firms and brands, has been able to provide clients with the “best in class” expertise through all the design process phases.

You can contact us and discuss your conceptual ideas. Our skilled industrial engineers will gather all the information for your concept designs, provide consultancy if required about the necessary aesthetics and ergonomics to make sure the final model is delivered as requested minimizing the risk of consecutive changes. However, if there is need for last minute changes , with the use of our top ranged CAD products (Siemens NX and Solid Edge) any alterations are done in no time minimizing delivery time.

industrial design2All projects from their concept stage to the final model are handled professionally with total care providing complete customer satisfaction. Proof is our wide range of designed products. No matter their shape and difficulty Expertcam will design and deliver it to you right from first time.

Our end models are fully compatible with all CAD systems. If your CAD is equipped with the right tools you can even make your own changes.