VISI is acknowledged as one of the world's leading PC based CAD CAM software solutions for the Mould & Die industries

It offers a unique combination of applications, fully integrated wireframe, surface and solid modelling, comprehensive 2D, 3D and 5 axis machining strategies with dedicated high speed routines. Industry specific applications for plastic injection tool design including material flow analysis and progressive die design with step-by-step unfolding provide the toolmaker with unsurpassed levels of productivity.

VISI offers the following applications:


VISI Modelling

VISI Modelling is the foundation of all VISI products and provides a robust and powerful solid and surface modelling system based around the industry standard Parasolid kernel. Combined with Vero’s surface technology, model analysis and 2D design, VISI Modelling offers complete flexibility to construct, edit, deform or repair the most complex 3D data.

VISI Modelling Download


VISI Mould

VISI Mould provides the complete mould tool design solution based on industry specific automation that guides the user through the mould development process. Dynamic operation previews provide the designer witha ‘real time’ view of how component changes will affect the tool design.

VISI Mould Download


VISI Progress

VISI Progress is dedicated software for the design of Progressive Dies and Press Tools. Industry specific functionality provides a more productive and efficient design experience. Helping the designer with intelligent decisions will reduce the potentialfor error and greatly improve manufacturing productivity.

VISI Progress Download


VISI Machining 3D

VISI Machining 3D creates intelligent toolpaths on the most complex 3D data. Dedicated high speed milling techniques and built in smoothing algorithms create highly efficient and reliable NC code. Intelligent toolpaths will reduce cycle times on your machine, improve productivity and continuously produce high quality components.

VISI Machining 3D Download


VISI 5-Axis Machining

5 axis machining has traditionally been regarded as technology best suited to the aerospace and automotive industry. 5 axis machining offers many advantages, all of which are now being applied to the mould and die sector. VISI Machining provides the operator with a productive solution for creating highly efficient toolpaths with advanced collision control for the most complex 3D data.

VISI 5-Axis Machining Download


VISI Peps-Wire

VISI PEPS-Wire incorporates the industry leading PEPS Wire EDM technology, developed specifically for the precision engineering & tool making industries.Fully feature based, VISI PEPS-Wire provides automatic feature recognition of wire features including tapered, variable taper and 4 axis directly from solid geometry. Features are easily machined creating reliable Wire EDM toolpaths and proven NC code for all Wire EDM machine tools

VISI Peps-Wire Download