NX software delivers advanced automation, process simulation and integrated technology to improve productivity and ensure first-time quality in tooling development.

The demand for speed

tooling1Tool design and manufacture is on the critical path for the development of many products. The demand for much shorter product delivery times, faster turnaround on design enhancements, lower supplier costs and increasing global competition have dramatic impacts on the toolmaking business.


The need for skills

The complexity of tool design and manufacture traditionally requires highly skilled people applying knowledge learned over years of practice. These resources are difficult to obtain or replace. Companies can gain competitive advantage by effectively leveraging specialized, best-practice knowledge in tooling development.


Improving quality

Quality of the end product depends directly on high-quality tooling. To achieve quality, tool designers and manufacturers must integrate their work with the product development effort. By dynamically linking tooling designs with product designs, companies can automatically propagate design changes to production tooling, achieving first-time quality.


Reducing waste

tooling2To achieve speed and cost objectives, tool designers and manufacturers must eliminate wasted time, effort and resources – not only between product development and tooling development, but also throughout the tooling design, optimization and manufacturing process.


Transforming the process

NX software from Siemens PLM Software is a next-generation solution that transforms the tooling development process with advanced automation. Knowledge-driven applications for tooling design and manufacturing are fully integrated with the overall product development process in a managed environment that improves productivity, accelerates the process, reduces waste and cost and improves quality.


Automated mold design with NX Mold Wizard

tooling3NX Mold Wizard applies Process Wizard technology to optimize the mold design process, delivering levels of productivity that dramatically outperform traditional CAD software. Providing a structured workflow based on expert best practices, automation of mold-specific design tasks and libraries of standard mold components, NX Mold Wizard provides a step-by-step process that promotes the most efficient workflow, while integrating complex elements of design technology into automated sequences.

Mold Wizard is built on NX, the industry’s most powerful product development system. As a result, the tools for working with part geometry, creating parting surfaces and enabling automatic updates are among the most robust available. Less capable systems may handle basic parts and molds, but Mold Wizard can tackle the most demanding tasks.

NX mold design: key features

  • Full NX part design capability for “one-stop” customers
  • Comprehensive data import, with translators or native format read to bring in third-party design files
  • Manufacturability checking for molded parts
  • Advanced parting tools driven by the power of NX
  • Automatic core and cavity insert creation
  • Model swap for automatic updates, compare new versions
  • Shrinkage calculation and adjustment
  • Mold base and standard part catalogs
  • Ejector pin post, sliders and lifters
  • Cooling layout, tubes and fittings
  • Automatic bill of material (BOM) creation
  • Automatic drawing creation where required

Progressive die design

NX Progressive Die Wizard maximizes productivity through intelligent automation of industry-specific processes. Beginning with the receipt of the customer’s sheet metal design, NX Progressive Die Wizard guides the user through all of the stages required to construct a progressive die, streamlining complex processes and automating tedious tasks for remarkable time savings.

Progressive Die Wizard functions for blank creation, blank layout, scrap design and strip layout support a range of progressive die designs including multiple sheet metal parts, multiple rows, multiple strip layouts and custom strip layouts.

Progressive Die design: key features

tooling4Key capabilities in NX Progressive Die Wizard

  • Die design project initialization
  • Automated sheet metal feature recognition
  • Blank shape generator, includes formed shapes
  • Blank layout
  • Scrap design
  • Strip layout and 3D operation simulation
  • Force center calculation
  • Die base design
  • Die preference setting
  • Punch/die insert design
  • Standard part library
  • Relief design
  • Pocket creation
  • BOM output
  • Assembly drawing creation
  • View manager