EXPERTCAM provides unparalleled support to our clients with our industry technology specialists. We have a presence in the market since 1992 and this makes us the most experienced company in the applied manufacturing industry. We are confident that we are able to support our customers both in the practical and theoretical level. Our company undertakes consulting role in the design and development of your products making sure your company achieves the optimum time-to-market.

Our manufacturing procedure experience includes special machining conditions, cutting strategies and programming techniques. We mentor a lot of our customers in how to optimize the use of their expensive CNC machines. We also have a lot of years experience in post-processing in many different types of machines and controllers.

Most of the Greek companies with multi-axis or high-speed machines use our systems and our consultancy.

Expertcam provides full technical support to all our products. Our highly skilled technical department combined with the 22 years of the company’s CAD/CAM experience provides fast and accurate solutions to any problem.

Our goal is customer satisfaction and we achieve this by making sure we are always there to find the right solution for you.

Our company has the ability and technical expertise to offer you professional advice.

Support is provided over telephone or by email and file exchange. Often by accessing the client’s workstation.

In more demanding situations by visiting the client. Our engineers will visit your company and they will study the way you work. They will meet your people and discuss about how you want to work from now on. Our experience guarantees that the solution that you will be given will be the optimum.

Our technicians will daily support you in various issues concerning the use of our products and other matters relevant to hardware and software compatibility. Help is offered in downloading and installing new versions as well as optimizing the post-processors.


For all Siemens products customers are provided with access to perform many license management operations themselves through the Global Technical Access Center (GTAC). You just need to create your own Webkey account using the details in your license file to access all of these tools.