Reverse Engineering

We will scan anything for you without limitations in size or complexity.

reverse1 Expertcam existence in the market of reverse engineering provides high quality results in 3D scanning. Our consultative, problem solving process will help you quantify performance goals and ultimately get you the deliverable you need. Our years of experience combined with the top leading measuring techniques ATOS provides, make possible that any type of shape can be scanned from the smallest item to large assemblies. Whether it's a quick surface or a fully parametric model we have the solution that's right for you.

Sometimes it can be difficult or even impossible for 3D laser scanners to reproduce a model since it shines - literally! This is not a problem for ATOS. Although this scan data can easily be turned into a model representing it’s as-built shape we specialize in creating models that match original as-designed features - even parametric ones.

reverse2Our technical team is involved on a daily basis with various projects from various sectors. An example is shipping companies where we have been able to provide accurate high quality results with great detail in scanning hulls and ship propellers. A demanding project was the scan of turbine blades where our skills and knowledge have been tested with complete success working under difficult and extreme outdoor conditions to bring the finest results.

The mechanical engineering sector is another field of our work. Various mechanical products are scanned. The reproduction of fine models for packaging industries is another example making plastic shaped bottles with great ease no matter how complex their shape.

reverse3The cultural sector is a very important field for our company. Our technical team has successfully scanned various monuments, museum statues, body armors, weapons, helmets and coins. We have also worked very closely with the marble industry producing outstanding results for very complex shaped products.