Consumer Goods

Today’s new product development process is comprised of hundreds of decision points and parallel work flows that take place in a global context. Companies require a software platform that matches this level of complexity.

Siemens PLM Software addresses these realities by providing a PLM platform that helps companies flourish in a complex business environment, enabling you to make smarter decisions, design better products and win on the shelf.


consumer goods1Emerging markets offer new opportunities for brand growth. A simple variation of an existing product might be appropriate for meeting a specific marketplace need, but more often than not, new product development initiatives must be launched to address size, price point, ingredient, language and other requirements that have changed.



Product innovation involves multiple work processes that require the participation of many disciplines working across organizational boundaries and collaborating with outside vendors to address the needs of targeted global markets.Accurate market alignment and on-time product delivery depend on complete visibility into the status of your initiatives, the impact of change and identification of potential bottlenecks before they result in irreparable delays. Optimizing the idea-to-shelf process is essential for managing the complexity of innovation.


consumer goods2Short category reset cycles and retailer specific delivery requirements make speed-to-market essential. These deadlines are not negotiable and require you to deliver your products precisely on time with no margin for error. Increasingly, compressed cycle times and your need to facilitate speed-to market compounds today’s complexity.



Consumers are environmentally aware and make more of their purchase decisions based on earth-friendly ingredients and packages that are smaller and recyclable. New ingredients and materials, which often come from new suppliers, must be evaluated and confirmed without losing product efficacy or appeal and without compromising the brand promise.


consumer goods3New compliance regulations or requirements often demand rapid, company-wide action. Coordination across disparate groups, both inside and outside the company, can be difficult and time consuming. Pulled product means lost revenue and tainted product injures the consumer directly, as well as puts the brand at risk.

Meeting high quality standards with strict delivery dates is synonym with the Consumer Goods industry. Expertcam will help you with your brand management process, enabling the licensing and final acceptance of your product, together with your production facility, from Idea to Shelf.