Siemens Solid Edge Whats New in ST7?

Faster and more flexible 3D part and assembly modeling, photorealistic renderings and improved 2D drawing

Solid Edge® ST7 software from Siemens PLM

solid1Software deliv-ers fast and flexible 3D modeling, streamlined design manage -ment, powerful new apps and an improved user experience that empower you to re-imagine what’s possible, including:

  • Faster and more flexible 3D part and assembly modeling, photorealistic renderings and improved 2D drawing production capabilities that enable you to improve product design and get products to market ahead of your competitors Expanded visual design management capabilities enable you to complete projects faster and more efficiently
  • Wider capabilities for design, manufacturing and collaboration through powerful new and expanded Solid Edge Apps that speed design through manufacturing
  • Significant user interface enhancements and easier access to leading design technology speed time-to-value for product development for all types of organizations, from startups to established manufacturers

Accelerate your 3D modeling

solid1Faster and more flexible 3D part and assembly modeling, expanded use of syn -chronous technology, photorealistic rendering and enhanced 2D drawing pro -duction capabilities enable you to design better products and get those products to market ahead of their competition. While there are hundreds of customer enhancements included in Solid Edge ST7, here are the key highlights:


3D Sketch 3D

solid1Sketch is available in the part, assembly and sheet metal environments and speeds many modeling scenarios, for example, by rapidly defining 3D paths for sweep opera -tions. You can also use 3D Sketch to model pipes and wires that are bent in more than one plane, and in the assembly environ -ment for the definition of exact paths for piping, wiring and tubing.


Intuitive 3D measurement

solid1The 3D measure interface provides you with easier access to comprehensive 3D measurement data and excellent control over the amount of measurement informa-tion presented. You can make multiple 3D measurements with a single command and the results are presented onscreen for rapid and accurate communication of measurement data.


Extensive, standards based hole definition

solid1A more intuitive and visual interface is available for controlling hole definition. The new interface provides wider support for international standards and is available in the part, assembly and sheet metal environments.


Faster and more flexible assembly design process

solid1Duplicating components in assemblies The Duplicate Component command speeds assembly design in which compo-nents are duplicated in many positions and orientations. Multiple copies of a compo-nent can be created based on designated “from” and “to” positions and orientations of existing components. Patterning components along a curve You can create a pattern of components along a 3D curve, with both position and orientation being controlled by the curve. In this example, a helical curve is used to define the location and orientation of mul -tiple components.

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