NX for Design is an integrated product design solution that streamlines and accelerates the product development process for engineers who need to deliver innovative products in a collaborative environment.

Unlike CAD-only solutions and closed enterprise solutions, NX for Design offers the highest level of integration between development disciplines in an open, collaborative environment.



NX mechanical design software delivers comprehensive modeling, enabling you to use the most productive modeling approaches interchangeably – from explicit solid and surface modeling to parametric and direct modeling.

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NX Assembly Design

NX provides the most powerful CAD assembly design tools available. Supporting both top-down and bottom-up design techniques, NX gives you advanced assembly management and navigation for the most complex assemblies.

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NX Free Form Modeling

NX offers advanced capabilities for shape creation, manipulation and analysis. These tools ensure that you can create the most complex freeform shapes quickly, with ease and adaptability to change. NX freeform modeling software gives you the power and creative flexibility to explore alternative design concepts quickly.

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Drafting and Dosumentation

With NX, you can quickly and easily create engineering drawings from 3D models using highly efficient drafting tools. The drafting software automatically creates drawing views from 3D part and assembly models, and helps you align and scale drawing views and arrange drawing sheets.

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NX Sheet Metal Design

NX helps you efficiently create sheet metal parts based on the knowledge of material properties and manufacturing processes using familiar terminology and workflows. NX sheet metal design tools incorporate material and bending information, enabling the model to represent both the formed component and flattened blank shapes. NX sheet metal design software incorporates material and process information in sheet metal-specific modeling features: bends, flanges, tabs, cutouts, beads, dimples, louvers, corner and edge treatments, patterns and other formable features.

NX Sheet Metal Design



Mold Design :By combining industry knowledge and best practices with process automation, the mold design software application in NX streamlines the mold design process – from core and cavity creation to product and mold design validation.

Progressive Die Design : Beginning with a sheet metal design, the progressive die design software application in NX guides you through all of the stages required to develop a progressive die, streamlining complex processes and automating tasks for remarkable time savings.

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