Moldex3D eDesign

The manufacturing simulation and visualization software.


The superior 3D mesh engine helps users generate 3D mesh for part and mold design more effectively and more efficiently. Users are able to work directly through CAD models to True 3D simulations.

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eDesign FLOW

The explicit analysis capabilities of Moldex3D Flow give you deep insight in plastic flow behaviors from macro view to micro view, such as fountain flow, inertia effect and gravity effect.

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eDesign COOL

Based on true 3D technology, Moldex3D Cool is an efficient tool to accurately analyze the mold temperature, the efficiency of cooling channel layout and the required cooling time in the design phase.

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eDesign PACK

Using Moldex3D Pack, even for thick parts or parts with big thickness changes, you can also investigate all factors in packing process from material choice, gate design, and processing conditions.

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eDesign WARP

Based on the filling, packing and cooling analyses by Moldex3D Flow, Pack, Cool, Moldex3D Warp allows users to perform true 3D warpage analysis on thick parts and those parts that have extreme thickness changes.

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eDesign MCM

Multi-component molding is one of the greatest methods to diversify the development of the plastic molded product fabrication. Moldex3D MCM simulates the multiple components molding process, including insert molding, overmolding and multi-shot sequential molding.

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